Facts Parents Should Know About Kids Losing Teeth

Your child will eventually lose their baby teeth, which is a slightly painful but an important part of their life. As a parent, the screaming about the pain and the entire process can get overwhelming for you when you’re probably a little unsure on what to do. You can always count on your pediatric dentists in Calgary SE and SW at Sundance Dental Clinic to keep your children’s teeth healthy.


We’ve been providing comprehensive dental care services in Calgary for over 30 years now. Our experienced dentists offer children's dentistry that covers a wide range of dental services that meet the unique needs of children, infants and adolescents.


Read on to understand a few facts about the process of your kids losing teeth and what you need to know.


When Should Your Child Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Typically baby teeth start becoming loose as permanent teeth start pushing on them to come out. Children lose primary teeth in the same order that they get them, starting mostly with the front teeth, followed by the canines and then the molars. Baby teeth begin to wiggle when your child is about four and you will notice him or her losing teeth from between the ages of six and thirteen to make way for permanent teeth. The timing varies from child to child. Ensure that you do visit your kids’ dentist if your little one loses a tooth prematurely due to tooth decay or an accident.


If your child hasn’t lost any teeth by the age of eight years or if permanent teeth start to come out before the baby teeth come off, consult your dentist to ensure there are no problems. 


Should You Pull a Loose Tooth?

It is ideal to let your child’s baby teeth fall out naturally to avert trauma to the gums around the tooth. Your child will most likely play with the tooth by wiggling with fingers or tongue – this is completely natural and should be encouraged. Ensure to communicate to your child about what will happen when they lose the teeth. Keep in mind that:

  • Loose teeth are normal for their age and wiggling will make them fall out
  • They can go to the school nurse if they feel a tooth is falling out
  • There will be some blood which can be wiped out with a tissue
  • The tooth should be kept in a sandwich bag or tissue until you get home


Let Our Pediatric Dentists Take Care of Your Child’s Oral Health

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