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How Your Smile Changes as You Age

As you get older and your body changes, your smile changes right along with you. Both the natural changes that happen as we age and the accumulated habits of a long life affect your mouth and teeth all the time. Some pessimists might tell you that, sooner or later, losing your teeth is inevitable. But as your family dentist in Calgary SE & SW, we at Sundance Dental Clinic would like you to know that those pessimists are wrong. With a little know-how and determination, you can have a healthy smile your entire life. Here are just a few reasons your smile changes as you age:

  • Accumulated effects of food and beverages
    Perhaps the most obvious way that your smile can change is in its colour. Wine, tea, and coffee all stain your teeth. If you see your family dentist in Calgary SE & SW regularly, this staining can be kept under control but it does add up over the years.
  • Natural wear and tear
    The enamel that protects the outside of your teeth is really tough. But if you add up all the chewing (not to mention any accidental trauma to your teeth) that happens over a person’s life, it’s a lot of wear and tear. Over the years, the enamel on your teeth thins. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, this greatly exacerbates the process.
  • Changing bone structure
    As we get older, we tend to lose bone in our jaws and other parts of our face. In fact, some of the effects on our face we call “aging” don’t have to do with your skin itself but the changing bone under it that stretches the skin on top differently. When it comes to your mouth however, this loss of bone can make your teeth shift and create other potential problems as we get older.
  • Enamel loss
    Not all changes in the colour of your teeth come from stains. As our enamel thins over time, the substance below it, dentin, starts to show through the white enamel. Dentin is a yellowish colour. As the enamel thins, then, your teeth naturally “yellow.” They don’t actually change colour. It’s just that different parts of your teeth are more or less visible.

Your Family Dentist Serving Calgary SE & SW for Healthy Smiles at All Ages

It’s normal for all of these things to happen as we get older, and can they be dealt with as long as we keep a good attitude and work to keep to our oral health routines. One of the most important parts of this routine is with regular visits to your family dentist in Calgary SE & SW. Contact us at Sundance Dental clinic today to make an appointment and find out more about how you can protect your teeth and keep a beautiful smile healthy.