Dentist recommended toothpaste in Calgary

How to Pick the Right Toothpaste for You

There are six key problem areas you should take into consideration when choosing a toothpaste to help ensure proper preventative dental care. If you experience any of the following symptoms, your current toothpaste might not be giving you the protection you need.

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  1. Stains. There are several great brands of whitening toothpaste available on the market right now and most of them will remove light stains caused by coffee and red wine. However, whitening toothpaste can't replace the kind of professional teeth whitening offered at dental clinics such as Sundance Dental.
  2. Cavities. Look for a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride is a key ingredient in preventing tooth decay and cavities; it works with saliva to protect your teeth from sugar and plaque.
  3. Gum problems. Gum disease can lead to serious damage of the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth. Without that support, and in the worst cases, teeth can fall out. Maintaining healthy gums is crucial to maintaining overall dental health, which is why you should choose a toothpaste that puts an emphasis on gum health.
  4. Bad breath. The best way to keep bad breath away is to take the time to brush your tongue. Choose a toothpaste that has a taste you like in an effort to make the whole process more enjoyable. Dab a little bit of toothpaste on a tongue brush and you're well on your way to fresh breath.
  5. Plaque & tartar. Most toothpastes claim to reduce tartar and prevent plaque, but if that is truly your goal, choose one that has pyrophosphate as an ingredient, as it is shown to reduce plaque and tartar buildup over time. That said, a professional teeth cleaning is the best way to remove tartar buildup.
  6. Sensitivity. If you experience sensitivity due to hot or cold substances, look for a sensitive formula toothpaste and avoid using drugstore whitening toothpaste that contain abrasive ingredients, which wear down your tooth enamel and will aggravate your symptoms.

Need a little more help choosing the perfect toothpaste for you? Contact us, your local family and children's dentist in Calgary SE & SW and we can recommend something specific to your needs. At Sundance Dental, we have the answers to all your questions about dental health!