How to fix bad breath

How to Fix Bad Breath

There are some foods that we just can’t pass up. Garlic bread or pesto can leave you with bad breath for a while, but every once in a while, they’re totally worth it. However if you find yourself having embarrassing bad breath more frequently than usual, it may not be what you ate but rather a case of halitosis that should be looked at by your friendly dentist in Calgary SE.

What is Halitosis?

“Halitosis” is the word dentists use to describe chronic bad breath. If you’re noticing your own bad breath (or a friend politely warns you about it) on a regular basis, you may have halitosis. Unfortunately a lot of things can cause this, including:

  • Cavities and gum diseaseThese can give bacteria extra places to hide in your mouth, therefore giving them extra opportunities to cause odours.
  • Mouth, nose, and throat infections
    If you have a cold, unwanted particles or bacteria can get trapped in your throat and mouth, causing unfortunate smells.
  • Dry mouth
    Your saliva has isn’t just for breaking down food. It also contains anti-microbial agents that help fight smelly bacteria. If you have chronic dry mouth, it can contribute to halitosis.
  • Tobacco products, coffee and alcohol
    Tobacco products, coffee and alcohol don’t just leave their own bad smells on your breath. They both also cause dry mouth. Tobacco can also cause gum disease, so it’s a triple-threat to your breath.
  • Serious medical conditions such as gastric reflux or liver diseases
    Although the typical culprits of bad breath are listed above, in some rare cases, bad breath can be caused by more general and more serious health conditions.

What Can You Do about It?

Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to combat halitosis on a daily basis, including:

  • Sticking to your dental hygiene routineThere’s no replacement for regular brushing and flossing. It prevents cavities and fights bacteria in your mouth.
  • Drinking plenty of water
    Not only will drinking water help make you feel better generally, it also prevents dry mouth.
  • Quitting smoking and cutting back on your caffeine
    Quitting smoking can be a challenge but don’t give up! You’ll thank yourself later. Also, switching from coffee to tea in the afternoon not only cuts down on coffee, but some teas also have anti-bacterial properties.

Visit Your Dentist in Calgary SE for Advice on Your Oral Health

There’s a lot you can do to avoid bad breath. However, none of these things can replace regularly seeing your dentist in Calgary SE. If you’re concerned about the frequency of your bad breath, come see us at Sundance Dental Clinic. Whether you want a full inspection of your oral health or just want to find out more about your specific problems and how to combat them, we can help. Contact us today to make an appointment.